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Critical Car​e and

Hospita​l​ ​Medicine

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Dr Ghodsian has completed his residency in Internal Medicine and his sub-specialty training in the field of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the University of Southern California (USC). Since that time, he has been a dedicated and compassionate private practice physician in southern California.

His field of practice ranges from the care of postoperative patients to some of the most critically ill patients in the intensive care units. Critically ill patients are those who require intensive monitoring, attention and advanced life support systems to sustain life in the event of one or more failing organs.

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He spends most of his time practicing the art of medicine at the hospitals he is affiliated with, attending the patients and families who need his care, but he also enjoys the company of his patients in one of two office locations. At the Co-operative Care Center, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery is our goal and measures are taken to assure the optimal postoperative outcome and experience.

He is a humble, physician who likes to pride himself on delivering individualized, personal care to those in trying times.